Peggy R.

I attended The Thriving Live (Grief Recovery) with Frank.  I appreciated the small group and was able to process areas of grief in a healthy nurturing environment.  Frank's delivery of the materials was impeccable, and he set the group up for success with his honesty and clarity. I would recommend Frank as a strategic coach.  He can guide you to move forward in your way of living life.

Kathy W.

I was coached by Frank in 2016 in the areas of Personal Power and Wholeness.  His guidance in learning the Power of Knowing What You Want and the Power of Choice has had tremendous impact on my life.  Frank skillfully coaches with integrity and clarity and creates a space of trust that allowed me to work on areas of my life that were holding me back from my fullest potential.  He facilitates growth with keen insights and provides tools to create an empowered life. I use these daily.  I highly recommend working with him.

Andre H.

Frank is one of the most authentic and compassionate people I have ever met! He really helped me through an extremely difficult period of my life, navigating through a very painful divorce and career transition both at the same time.

You can tell he truly cares by the way he listens and remains fully engaged throughout the entire coaching session, and more importantly, you get the sense that he fully understands and is able to fully empathize with what you’re dealing with.

His easy-going personality and ability to remain objective enough throughout the session to provide some really empowering strategies will help you to deal with any challenging situation imaginable.

Words probably couldn’t express the amount of respect and admiration I have for this man. I would strongly encourage and highly recommend him to ANYONE seeking to level up or simply deal with any of life’s challenges, be it big or small. It’s been a great honor and pleasure to have someone like him in my corner!

Bradi G.

After many months of contemplating The Thriving Life (Grief Recovery Program), I finally decided it was time. I came to Frank seeking clarity in many areas of my life. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into, BUT Frank exceeded any expectation I could have ever had.

His coaching got me thinking about my goals and responsibilities in a helpful and motivating way. His presence was a source of security and inspiration from start to finish and I can now say I can trust myself to know how to get through difficult times on my own.

I always looked forward to our zoom sessions and was pleasantly met every single time. Frank displayed a genuine interest in my wellbeing and put so much effort into helping me through my journey.

My advice to others wondering if this program is for them: Take a chance and DIG DEEP. Get uncomfortable and allow Frank to guide you in living a more empowering life.

Cathy W.

I was coached by Frank as part of a small group discovering personal goals and vision in 2017.  I was not sure what to expect, and was not even sure I needed to be a part of the group.  But having listened to Frank for a short time at a previous training, I knew I could learn from him regardless of what the topic was.  It turned out that he helped me answer questions I didn’t even know I had, and helped me define and refine my personal goals and vision.  

Frank was always prepared for his lesson, with a specific purpose or intention for the class time, but was also very open and receptive to discussion, questions, and comments.  He stayed on track, but always had time and space for those that needed a question answered, or some specific advice.  His delivery was always kind, authentic, and non-judgemental.  

One of the most significant lessons I learned from him was taking the best parts of your past, or the best parts of a person in your past, and taking those things to help you move forward with success into your future.  I found that very helpful in regard to my parents and siblings and the experiences I had as a child growing up.  It was and continues to be something I use as a tool to continue progressing.

I highly recommend Frank Zendejas, and am confident in him, his expertise, and ability!

Roxie G.

I just completed The Thriving Life (online grief recovery) with Frank and I must say that it is one of the best things I could have done for myself! Having recently experienced multiple significant grief events back to back I felt overwhelmed, sad and stuck. I later learned (through this class) that I was suffering from cumulative grief.

This program is very well thought out and is set up in such a way that requires quite a bit of introspective work. This introspective work enabled me to take an honest look at myself and gain a better understanding of where my actions and emotions stemmed from. You will truly be surprised at what you learn about yourself!!

The skills that you learn as you inspect each grief event: discover, recover and thrive, are invaluable and can be applied to every aspect of your life going forward!!

I cannot say enough good things about the program, but the true value add is the coaching that Frank provides. He is passionate about his work and enriches the program by imparting the knowledge that he has gained through his own personal growth and various certifications. His explanations of what you are experiencing are in depth and are delivered with integrity, honesty and nonjudgmentally.

I am in awe of the work that Frank has put into this program to make this a world class offering. An added bonus is that you will always have access to his latest training videos and supporting material to review at your discretion.

This program has made such a difference in my life!! When I started this program I was buried in grief and could not even breathe. Today, I feel such an incredible sense of peace and am excited about what the future holds!!

I am grateful to have the experience of working with Frank.

Keith T.

Frank Zendejas provided coaching services to me for much of 2019.  I benefitted from his clear thinking and his drive.  He gave beneficial advice and did not cater to excuses I would offer.  He pushed me when I needed to be pushed. 

Frank had me address difficult subjects directly and forthrightly.  Frank had a significant number of exercises and techniques to draw upon that he prescribed when appropriate.  His experience allowed him to offer activities to me that would help me address particular challenges I was facing in the moment. 

I enjoyed working with Frank and I continue to appreciate the insight and advice he provided to me.  In addition to being a skilled professional, Frank is a sincere and caring person. Thanks Frank!

Annmarie O.

About 2 months ago I lost my best friend and companion; my dog Ivy. She was my everything and I could not picture life without her and was having the hardest time processing my emotions and feelings. Enter Frank and The Thrive Life  (Grief Recovery Program). Without this program, I can honestly say I would not be able to look at a photo or think of a memory without crying. Now when I look at a photo and think of her, I smile and remember all that she brought to my life. At the beginning of the program, I could barely talk about what happened with Ivy or even my happy memories of her, and now I am living my life with the fondest of memories of her and remembering her the way she should be remembered.

Working with Frank was a fantastic experience. He was understanding, supportive, and really listened to what I was saying and experiencing. He always made me feel comfortable and safe. I felt like I could trust him and rely on him to help me through this experience without judgement. I have the utmost respect for him and the work that he is doing to help others through their grief.

I honestly feel like I would still be lost and with a lot of pain and sadness had I not gone through this program with Frank. It has also helped me look at other aspects of my life through a different lens.  I believe this program has given me tools to not only deal with the loss of my dog Ivy but also other areas where I have experienced loss. I highly recommend this program and am so grateful for Frank and the tools and help this program has given me.



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